Woman from Sao Paulo $1 million win

Woman from Sao Paulo $1 million win.

Millionaire Go! made Brazilian Woman a millionaire.

At Lotto724, we’re famous for big jackpots!
This week certainly met expectations when one Brazilian took out the entire $1 million  Millionaire Go! jackpot.

Woman from Sao Paulo $1 million win.

A Brazilian Woman was having a quiet night in until she received a life-changing phone call revealing she scored the $1 million Millionaire Go! jackpot prize.

“What! Is this legit? This is amazing! This is life-changing,” she initially questioned.
“Everybody has had such a strange year with COVID. Our family’s lives have been turned upside down. But with this, we can set ourselves up, set our family up. 

“I was completely dumbfounded! I thought it couldn’t possibly be real. I called out to my husband to check, and we both went into a state of shock,” the winning woman relayed.
“We were stunned silent. We could barely utter a word. We feel like we are floating on air. We are millionares! 
“We are going to use it to do some renovations. It’s something we’ve been thinking for a while now.”

Who will we be talking to next week?